Someone I knew in high school tagged me in a pic and it’s me from 2005 in the yearbook. I’m laughing at this shit like my hair looks like a helmet. I think age has treated me nicely so far compared to ole’ baby face me looking like the biggest dork ever.

Rather be alone than chase people who don’t really care about me.
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Reminder that I’ll have my PS4 tomorrow, and I’m gonna start livestreaming on twitch. So if you guys like watching people play games, or wanna swing by and chat with me (I think you can use the mic to commentate while streaming) that would be cool, and it’ll be fun. Just hope my internet cooperates with me is all.

I probably won’t have any exciting games for a while. I’ll be playing the usual Final Fantasy XIV, and I’ll download some shit like Warframe and Black Light Retribution.

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - Konami; MSX 2, 1990.
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Yeah punch that guard to death. His comrade will never know.